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The La Princess Princesse and et the le Pea pois There was Il était once une fois a prince un prince who qui wished désirait to marry épouser a princess une princesse, but mais a real une vraie princess princesse. she had to be. elle devait être So Alors he travelled il voyagea all the world over tout autour du monde to find pour en trouver one; une; yet mais in every case à chaque fois something quelque chose was wrong. n’allait pas. Princesses Des princesses were there il y en avait in plenty, en suffisance, yet mais he could il pouvait never ne jamais be être sure sûr they were qu’elles étaient the genuine article; authentiques; there was il y avait always toujours something, quelque chose, this ceci or ou that, cela, that qui just juste didn’t seem ne semblait pas as comme it should be. ça devrait. At last A la fin he came back home, il retourna à la maison, quite bien downhearted, découragé, for car he il did so want voulait tant to have avoir a real une vraie princess. princesse. One Un evening soir there was il y eut a fearful un terrible storm; orage; thunder le tonnerre raged, grondait, lightning les éclairs flashed, scintillaient, rain la pluie poured down tombait in à torrents torrents, it was c’était terrifying. terrifiant. In the midst of it all, Sur ces entrefaites, someone quelqu’un knocked frappa at à the la palace door, porte du palace, and et the old le vieux King Roi went alla to open it. l’ouvrir. Standing there was C’était a princess. une princesse. But, Mais goodness! bonté divine! What a state quel état she was elle était! in! Dans The water L’eau ran down ruisselait her hair de ses cheveux and et her clothes, de ses habits, through à travers the tips les bouts of de her shoes ses souliers and et out sortait at par the heels. les talons Still, Néanmoins, she said elle dit she was qu’elle était a real une vraie princess. princesse. Well, Bien, we will find out nous le saurons soon enough, bien assez tôt, "the old la vieille Queen Reine. thought. "pensa She didn’t say Elle ne dit pas a un word, mot, but mais went se rendit into dans the spare bedroom, la chambre d’ami, took off enleva all toute the bedclothes, la literie, and et laid posa a little un petit pea pois on sur the mattress. le matelas. Then Ensuite she piled up elle empila twenty vingt more en plus mattresses matelas on top of it, au-dessus, and et twenty vingt eiderdowns édredons over that. par-dessus. There the princess la princesse was to sleep allait dormir that cette night. nuit. When Quand morning le matin came, arriva, they asked ils demandèrent her lui how comment she had slept. elle avait dormi. Oh, Oh, shockingly! affreusement mal! Not a wink of sleep Je n’ai pas fermé l’oeil the whole night de toute la nuit, something quelque chose hard de dur that has made me black and blue all over. m’a meurtri tout le corps. It was C’était quite tout à fait dreadful." atroce." Now Maintenant, they were ils étaient sure sûrs that here was qu’elle était a real une vraie princess, princesse since puisqu’ she had felt elle avait senti the pea le pois through à travers twenty vingt eiderdowns édredons and et twenty vingt mattresses. matelas. Only Seulement a real une vraie princess princesse could pouvait be être so si sensitive. sensible. So Alors the Prince le Prince married her; l’épousa; no need pas besoin to de search chercher any further. plus loin. The pea Le pois was put fut placé in dans the museum; le musée; you can vous pouvez go y aller and et see voir it le for yourself par vous-même if si no one personne has taken it. ne l’a enlevé. There’s Voilà a une fine jolie story histoire for pour you! vous!
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Memo-Manage- Set your Timezone for notifications- done

Memovideos- Synchronization is now perfectly reliable regardless of the length of the video

Memovideos- All browsers are now compatible

Languages - Refined animation on the spoken word

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New songs and new translations of existing titles

New Symbol memoman server in Switzerland, safe and protected from GAFAs

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Slow down the playback speed of the memovideo finally available. A long-awaited feature... the tone of the voice does not change at slow speed and there is plenty of time to read and understand no matter how difficult the language to learn.

Turn up or down the volume or mute the sound now adjustable from the navigation bar!

Memovideo-player Beta version 0.91 just released!

Mini progress bar under each group of synchronized words: reassuring to accurately track pronunciation and spelling. We had a cursor with a colored background that changed the optics of the word and made it difficult to read.

Video / text toggle button: Black text on a white background as on a book page for text mode.

Page 2 of Le Petit Prince (fr -de) was bad synchronized, now resynchronized

Subtitling by full sentence now possible. The Memotext partner who does not want to subtitle in bilingual or who simply wants to enter and translate more text at once, can now also do so and the text layout adapts automatically.

Video progress bar now integrated into the player and new ergoomy

You can now check words and their translations in one click among a lot of texts

New links added when clicking a word.

Search of video sequences and translator functions are now fully integrated in your free Memovideo app

Automatic announcement of titles released in the last 7 days

Memovideos views taken into account since March 10, 2019

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