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en - es 🔗 Olivia Ruiz

She loves you (English-Spanish) Elle t'aime

She loves you 3709 views
Elle t'aime

es - fr 🔗 Olivia Ruiz

Depende (Spanish-French) Ca dépend

Depende 3643 views
Ca dépend Jarabe de Palo

es - en 🔗 Olivia Ruiz

No es lo mismo (Spanish-English) It's not the same

No es lo mismo 3486 views
It's not the same Alejandro Sanz

es - en 🔗 Olivia Ruiz

La alacena (Spanish-English) The cupboard

La alacena 3475 views
The cupboard Heroes del Silencio

es - fr 🔗 Olivia Ruiz

Antes muerta que sencilla (Spanish-French) Mieux morte que simple

Antes muerta que sencilla 3451 views
Mieux morte que simple



My team and I were interested in 5 texts in 2 languages English Spanish . The help with the translation here integrated helped me a lot and thanks to the network of correctors I managed to translate these texts into Spanish French English . My contribution is 0 hour 23 min. and 29 sec. videos subtitled in bilingual. You may appreciate to read and listen to my last creation »No es lo mismo / It's not the same«, the soundtrack is in Spanish, I made a Memovideo of it for the Englishes so that they understand!